Football Talk

this is the Garner blue team at practice

Garner may not look like their doing well but it’s only the 4th week of school. They can do great with the help of their best players, Charles Henerson the quarter back, and Marshawn Anderson the running back

Also, with the help of  staying healthy, passing their classes, and hard work they could do anything. With that strength, thy can win their next game on tuesday here at Garner and all he other games.

“Our  Biggest competition would be Driscoll,” coach Melendez said. But they may not be a very hard team to beat with hard work and team work combined and we could possibly win first place in this foot ball season.

Cade Sheeran says ” I think we will win all our games.”

Good luck and conteniue the hard work Yearlings.

Go Garner Volleyball

Our Garner Volleyball team is doing well beating Nimitz with both A team and B team in each grade. They practice after school and their wins and losses motivate us here at garner to support them.

Daniela Montengrow (8) (Go Team) says,” I joined Garner Volleyball to be part of a team like a second family, and that’s what I got.”  She Also stated that “I think this will be good were going to try our hardest”

Jade Brookbank (7) (B Team) states “I joined Garner Volleyball for the fun and excitement.” She also said, “We practice every morning at exactly 6:15, and if we don’t try hard it could show that Garner is a weak school but Garner is a strong school.

So in conclusion, Garner will try its hardest to beat all who challenge Garner athletes

Jannamarie Mendoza (Staff Writer)

Jannamarie is a 7th grader. She chose Campus News class because she loves to write. Janna’s favorite color is turquoise, “because it’s like an ocean color,” she says. Her mom is her inspiration “because she is always self confidant and cares so much for me.” say’s Janna and her favorite food is pizza and her favorite song is “Slow Down.” Also her favorite song writers are Kanye West  , Selena Gomez , and Lil Wayne and Garner is her favorite school ever been to.  Say’s Janna and her favorite food is pizza.