Jade Brookbank (Staff Writer)

Jade Brookbank is a 7th grader at Garner.  She joined the newspaper class because she thought the class would be fun and likes to write.  Jade has many best friends.  Jade’s favorite song is “Forever” by Drake, Kanye West, Eminem, and Lil Wayne. Jade likes to play volleyball, text, and watch tv in her free time.  One of her favorite foods is Takis.  Neon pink is her favorite color because, “pink is already bright and neon makes it even brighter,” Jade says.  Her favorite sport is volleyball.

Devon Gilbert (Staff Writer)


Seventh grade student, Gilbert, is excited to interview players and do things with sports in newspaper, and can give some academic aid in things like social studies. He likes Garner Middle school mainly because it is an outdoor campus. He likes to write stuff like short stories and play football and just loves sports in general.  He loves a Batman quote that states, “You either try hard, or see yourself become your own villain.”  He also enjoys the speech of Martin Luther King Jr. titled “I have a dream.”