Many of you may or may not know that 7th graders are currently reading the book City Of Ember. It’s such a good book according to the people who finished reading it. “I love the part when they find the new city.”

                    Every student in Pre-AP English is currently reading COE, or has finished it.  Students received the book 4 weeks ago and have to be finished Monday February, 3rd.

You have to read the book anytime you’re free to do so.  During school, afterschool, and at home. The teachers recommend reading the book after their class. “I love how it kept me entertained throughout the whole book,” says Vivienne Martinez (7).

Students are reading it for this blog project; students have to write 7 different blogs using 7 different writing techniques.

The book is about Lina and Doon also about how they live in an underground city. They both want to get out of the city for different reasons.

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