Party Time

Fiesta first started in 1891 as one-parade event in San Antonio. The funds from Fiesta events provide services to citizens in San Antonio.  Fiesta began to honor the heroes that helped during the Battle of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto, but now it’s sort of used to just celebrate the year. Mixed people always come to Fiesta for food and a good time.

Some of the people who help get Fiesta together are volunteers and the Mayor. Everybody could come to Fiesta even if you’re not in San Antonio; some people just come for the fun and then leave after. There is the night parade with floats lights and dancers and the day parade is just the same but without the lights. Kids and parents of all ages come and have fun at Fiesta.

Fiesta is on April 11 this year which is a Friday and the second week of April and lasts till the 21. Fiesta is very fun and shows people different people’s heritages from their perspective. Fiesta is at least two weeks long, and another event that is coming up in April is Easter. “Fiesta is amazing and fun for our family”.- Zoe Rothlein (8)

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