Final Thoughts

My favorite article that I wrote this year is probably “Party Time,” because that was a really fun article to write. It was about Fiesta and other traditions we have in San Antonio. Also it was interesting hearing what other people thought about Fiesta. One of the many things that I like about Garner is […]

My thoughts

My favorite article that I wrote was my taco article. Mostly because I put a lot of effort into it unlike the other ones. I also liked my theme, TACOS! It was the best theme ever.What I liked best about Garner was hanging out with all my friends. I also enjoy writing all the articles in campus news. […]


So far this year we have posted quite a variety of articles and others really just repetitive but, there is one we can stand up and say, “That is amazing.” Here today, we are going over my favorite article and why it is so. Oh my god what? He is going to use his opinion, […]