Final thoughts

My favorite article had to be the holiday doors, because I was part of making them for my art class. I really thought that it was fun for an article. I also think that this year was good because I really like all my classes and am looking forward to 8th grade. I hope that the lunches get better next year. (Next year I am hoping to get into high school and have fun in 8th grade). On the other hand there were some cool things about this year. There were the new video announcements and the Grease play . I also think that I could improve on a couple of my subjects.


-Griffin Korte




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hey guys whats up? nothing much ok cool what i want to talk to you is about apples. apples are great arent they? Chipotlee is my lifee!! some day i would like to own my own restaraunt and be a profesional swimmer A.K.A Olympian #futureolympian you know that this is a Biographical info about just me not Daniel or Luis or Joey but if it was about them then it woul be pretty cool thank you for your time, and good night NSA. This messege will self destrusct in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... SIKE!!

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