The Walking Yearlings

 I asked some Walking Dead fans here at Garner Middle School some questions about Season 5 and their thoughts on the show overall.

Garner students are excited to tune in on Sunday, October 12 to watch Season 5 of the Walking Dead. They are most excited to see their favorite characters.

“My favorite character is Rick and I can’t wait to watch him,” Shelby Guzman (7th) said.

“I am excited, because I missed watching the show,” Josh Boggess (7th) said.

“I’m not really excited, but I can’t wait to see Glenn, because he’s my favorite,” said Sophia Hernandez (7th)

“I am super excited to see Season 5, because of the intense moment at the end of Season 4,” said Anna Campa (8th)

I also asked them what they thought on Rick and Carl’s relationship, since lately its been pretty rough.

“They have a good father-son relationship but I wish they would collaborate more,” said Anna.

“I would describe it as a rough relationship,” said D’Angelo Antonino (7th).

The last question I asked the Yearlings is what do they think Season 5 contains.

“I think Season 5 is going to have more violence and more walkers,” said Shelby.

“I know for sure that there is definitely going to be more drama in Season 5, no doubt about it,” said Sophia.

In conclusion, Garner is very excited for the show’s comeback. I am super excited too, I will definitely be sitting on my couch on Sunday at 8:59 pm trying my best to hold my anxiety in.

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  1. I’m addicted to this show. I don’t want anyone to disturb me when this is on. When I am watching this, my phone is off and I don’t want anyone to talk to me until commercial time. I love Talking Dead, which comes on after it too.

  2. The mid-season finales always get to me oh my goodness.Daryl is the BEST and he is very strong and handsome WOW.

  3. omggg
    the walking dead is like one of my favorite TV shows!! i love that you wrote an article on a very popular subject. i cant believe Beth died on season 5.. ahh so intense.. i love you the walking dead! good job

  4. I love The Walking Dead!Season 5 has gone by way to fast but its been getting more interesting each episode!

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