Picture Day

                                               This event happened on october 20, Tirinidad De La Cruz was taking a picture for the year book

On october 20, students lined up in the old gym to take their pictures for the year book. Trinidad De La Cruz said ” it felt really awkward becusae the guy kept on telling how to do stuff to pose different ways he3 told me to till my head, it was just awkward.”

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Hope Herrera has been at garner for three years, she has 4 sisters, her favorite colors are red,blue,purple an pink. After school Hope likes toh hang out with friends and be on her phone. The college hope wants to attend in the future is ATM for cosetology


  1. ur picture is cool like foreal i can tell that its about picture day and ur caption tho! perfect!!!!!!!!! mine wasnt that good 🙁 -crying- jk im not crying lol

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