Holiday Doors

Have you seen the holiday doors put on doors all around Garner Middle School? These doors are put up around Christmas, and are one of the biggest art projects in the school.

These doors all have a unique factor to them, they are made by the students.

Cody Krywoszej (8) says, “I think they are overall creative, colorful, and amazing.”

Michael Ellis (8) thinks they are, “really interesting and colorful.”

German Balanos (8) says, “yes, I have seen them and I like them because they stand out.”

These holiday doors are extravagant and they stand out, some more than others.

The teachers whose doors they are on get to choose what they have on the door and what theme it is.

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  1. I have not seen a lot of doors around the school yet, but of the ones that I have seen this year they are very colorful and bright.

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