Since Ebola was in Dallas people are starting to freak out. Tianna Equiler (7) said, “I feel Ebola is messing up our lives because everyone is going crazy about it.”

What will happen if it came to San Antonio? Most people will go insane. Minari Williams (8) said that she would not even go outside. Some people think that everyone is overreacting. It has not came to San Antiono so why freak out? Ebola is a pretty scary thing. I see why everyone is freaking out about it. Nobody wants to it. You will become really sick and even die. Only 3 people in the US have had it. Also, there has been no new cases reported for several weeks in the US. Most experts say that it is well contained and beatable in the U.S.

In conclusion dont freak out about it yet. It seems like it is under control now.

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6 thoughts on “Ebola

  1. The Ebola scare is pretty silly, but honestly, we have nothing to worry about. If that fate is for us, then it is a fate for us. Great article!

  2. How many people in total have died of Ebola?
    Is there a rounded amount of time till someone with Ebola dies?

  3. I agree why freak out?We have amazing doctors here and I’m sure that we are going to find a cure for it!Ebola shall be fought!

  4. Its a good thing that Ebola is out of the United States.. But I feel bad for the people who live in Africa because that is where the outbreak started then people from the U.S went to help them out and some man brought it back to the United States.. Its a good thing they got that person contained as well.

  5. I think many people are overreacting too! The poor people in Africa have it much worse that us and here we are boarding ourselves up in our houses like scared mice!

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