By: Kiersten M

Do you like playing games with music and excitement? The game Cytus is a one player music game. The game is about robots and human’s memories. The story’s main character is a women named Vanessa. She was the only robot to have her memory transferred from her human self. She did the memory transferring because there was a disease with no know antidote that wiped out half of the human race. In one of the Cytus chapters, it is stated in Vanessa’s diary that “it’s a fortune or miss fortune to take part of the memory transferring?! I would live in such a way when everyone close to me passes a way” – Vanessa.

The total people that play the game in San Antonio is 403,616, I am included in this number. The total people that play the game in the world are about 5,000,000-10,000,000. About 11,270 people dislike the game in San Antonio. The cost for the whole game is $1.99, which is less than 5 Night’s at Freddy’s.

Cytus was developing the 1 million project. It is where every 1 million people playing the game get to unlock one chapter for free and in the demo version you get 10 chapters. Since the 1 million project is done, there is now 13 chapters. Each chapter has 10 songs. Some of the DJ’s that create the music are DJ Mashiro, DJ Rabbit, DJ Maxtechnika & 3RZV.N. My favorite is The Ricochet.

In my opinion I would give this game the rate of 5 stars!  What would your rating be?

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