Don’t Let Your Flu Fight Back

By: Hope H

Do you have a fever? Do you feel weak? Do you feel nausea (vomiting)? If so, you might have the flu. The flu is coming back and it’s coming back stronger than ever. Everyone has questions about how we should avoid the flu.

We all have people telling us to wash our hands with soap and water all the time, but what we don’t realize is that by washing our hands we can prevent many diseases. Another thing we don’t realize is that hand sanitizer doesn’t kill the germs, it just strips away the outer oil on the skin, preventing from germs inside your body to come to the surface. Warm water and soap kills all the germs rather than just the harmless germs. Also, according to our school nurse, we should also get the flu shot and cover our sneezes with our elbows to help prevent the flu.

Many people share makeup, food, drinks, and many other items that come in contact with your face. Many viruses are spread through the mucus and saliva of an infected person, meaning that friend you shared a soda with might have given you the flu, or vice versa.

All in all we need to watch what we touch and share with others, also just wash your hands.

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