December 17, 2015

Alone Under the Mistletoe

Another year comes around

I still faithfully wait

He’s coming soon I tell myself

He won’t leave me here

Joy buzzes around me

Couples laugh and enjoy their night

But here I stand

Waiting and waiting

Knowing, hoping, praying he will come

He wouldn’t leave me again

Not another year

And yet here I stand

Under the mistletoe

All alone

By: Jessica H.

(Read backwards)

A Christmas Carol

By: Luke

    One of the best books in England and a very popular books during this time of year comes from Charles Dickens. He wrote A Christmas Carol. It begins with a man named Ebenezer Scrooge not having the Christmas spirit and acting maliciously towards everyone, including loved ones. One night something pays him a visit. Ebenezer wakes up the week before Christmas day, then as he is sitting down, a spirit appears. It is his old friend Marley who he work for but now Ebenezer owns the store. Then Marley says, “YOU WILL BE HAUNTED BY THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS “.Then the spirit left and an hour later another spirit appears and says in a haunting voice, “I’m  the ghost of Christmas past”. She takes him to the place where he was a boy. She shows him how he became bad, but Scrooge still does not change his mind. The next spirit appears and says, ‘’I’m the ghost of christmas present”. The ghost takes Scrooge to show him that the son of his nephew will die the next day from medical ailments. Scrooge is a little worried and says he might change his ways.The next spirit is the ghost of the future. He does not talk but points to Scrooge’s future if he does not change his ways. The ghost of the future shows Scrooge that he will die and people forgot about him. Scrooge asks the spirit to forgive them but they are still mad and he is scared of what could happen. As Scrooge wakes up on the morning of Christmas, he goes to apologize to his nephew and tries to right all the mistakes he has made. We can all learn something from Scrooge about respecting everyone and asking for forgiveness. This holiday season, I challenge you to love your family, friends, and everyone around you a little more.


New Years!!!

By: Hannah. G

        New Years has been celebrated in the U.S for as long as anyone can remember. It has marked a new beginning, a new year. People all over the world have celebrated New Years, but many people celebrate New Year’s at different times. It just matters what time zone you are in. Also people celebrate it longer or shorter than others. Even if we all celebrate it at different times we all celebrate it because we are excited for a new year, and a new life.

       A lot of people make a list of “New Year Resolutions”. Basically it is when someone makes a list of things that they are going to improve or do the next year. People celebrate New Years by going out to party with friends, and family. They have huge feasts with a lot of entertainment. Also people go to certain places to see the countdown, and fireworks. A major travel destination is Times Square, New York. There is a huge clock that countdowns the time till the new year and a huge glitter ball begins to drop. After they reach zero and the ball drops, fireworks burst in the air and the crowds go wild. People kiss their loved ones, or even strangers! That is the usual tradition for the proud U.S.A!!!!