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The Wacky Jacket Situation

The seasons are changing and leaves are falling from the tree, which means winter is approaching. At Garner Middle School there is a policy about the colors of jackets you wear, which means they have to be white, navy blue, or royal blue.
However, many students don’t understand why we can’t wear jackets of our choice. Elizabeth Richardson (8) says, “I don’t know why we can’t wear any color we want, I mean I don’t think that colors would offend anyone, so I don’t think it’s fair.”
Why do you think we can’t wear differently colored jackets? When asked that, Ms. Rocheleau replied, “If students wear opposing school colors it can make our campus look as though it’s not supportive of our own students and school.” Students think teachers shouldn’t care what color our jackets are, it should only matter if we are warm, because its gets surprisingly cold down here and many colorful jackets are warm because of the material it’s made of. Also a problem, if a student gets sick from the cold, it affects attendence as well. Regardless of the admin making exceptions on very cold days, it can still affect you.
Sometimes it’s really hard trying to find solid colored jackets, because alot of stores only carry multicolored jackets. So warmth should matter more than colors.

By:Courtney Davis

Peculiar Piercings

“North East School District enforces the piercing rule so hard, because they don’t want a lot kids getting distracted by the many piercing other kids have. So that’s why we have to enforce this rule.” Mr. Crowe explains.
According to a recent poll 83 out of 90 kids in Garner Middle School disagree with the piercing rule that states that you are only allowed to wear piercings in your ears. Some kids think that the piercing rule is unfair and that we should be allowed to pierce where ever we want. Caitlin Kingsley (8) says to me, “They should be allowed, because it’s not on the administrator’s body, it’s our body. I think if they allowed them on our ears they should allow them anywhere else.” Layla Abdallah (7) says, “I don’t think its right, because it’s a way to express yourself, if I could change this rule you would be allowed to wear them anywhere you want.”
Other students agree with the rule, though.  Arthur (6) explains, “I think that we should only wear them in our ears and not in our nose and stuff, because people look weird when they do that stuff. I don’t think we should be allowed to wear them anywhere we want, because if someone has a piercing in the belly button and they get into an accident they could get hurt badly.” The state of Texas says you cannot go get a piercing, even including your ears, unless you are 18 or you have parental consent. Perhaps, due to the fact that some students may get hurt and some students do get distracted by too many piercings you have on your ears, your lips, your eye brows, your nose, your belly button, and anywhere else, this rule may never change in the North East School District.

By:Courtney Davis