Missing Plane

          A month ago a plane from Malaysia went missing off the grid. No satellite can find it. No tracking system can find it. You may be asking yourself, “How can you lose a 110 ft plane?!”

        The plane was flight MH370. It was from Malaysia bound for China. Later it was discovered that the plane had 3 people with fake passports, rumors have said that the plane has been hijacked.  The plane’s location still remains a mystery, but many hope it will be found off the coast of Australia.

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Let’s Rodeo San Anotonio

          Rodeo is a time to have fun and just enjoy life. The San Antonio Stock Show And Rodeo is very traditional in the Texan culture. The rodeo has been around ever since 1869. It’s a amazing, fun, and exciting. The rodeo has many events such as bull riding and petting zoos and much more. Rodeo is a competitive sport which came out of the working practices of cattle herding in Spain. To get in to this exciting event it’s roughly 12 dollars. Griffin Korte(7) says, “I love the rodeo because of very fun rides, like the Gravitron.”

Victoria Bunton (7) says, “Rodeo is okay, it has a lot of animals, and I don’t like animals.”

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-Cody Krywoszej

The Walking Dead

You can probably tell by the title of this article, Americas #1 T.V. show is coming back. This show is a modern day thriller and is action. “The Walking Dead” is an amazing, suspenseful show.

 This amazing show has the following actors; Andrew Lincoln playing the main character, Rick Grimes; Chandler Riggs playing Carl Grimes, who is Rick’s son; Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon;

and Sarah Wayne Callies playing Lori Grimes.

This heck of a thriller started in October 31st 2010, and is coming back in February 9th 2014.

This T.V. phenomenon is about the survival of an extinction event; the zombie apocalypses. With suspense excitement and action this show has it all.

One student Griffin Korte(7) says, “This show is so amazing.”

And Ethan Gibbens’ (8) opinion is, “The Walking Dead is great but it’s to depressing every episode.”