The Word Students Cringe At

Homework.  A word all students cringe at, but what are the stats behind all this homework. Would students keep homework or get rid of it if they had the choice.

The results are in and it says 56% say no to homework, get rid of it they said. Matthew Palencia (8) says “I wouldn’t keep it because it takes too much time.” 44% said keep homework. Anthony Bahamundi says “keep it because it brings you grades up.”

One thing not to ever do is procrastinate. It never helps. did you know Mac and garner have the same homework schedule, and in Finland they have no homework, can you believe that! Beth Cooper (7 and 8 art) says, “I think to reinforce what they learned in class is very helpful, so I say keep homework.”

Post in the comments what you think.

-Cody Krywoszej

What is AVID?

What exactly is AVID?  AVID means Achievement Via Individual Determination.    AVID is an elective that helps you organize, and if you take it for 3 years in middle school, you get 1 high school credit. Now, here are some points why you should join AVID.

To be in AVID you have to be in Pre-AP classes, you have to get good grades, and you have to sign a contract that says you will stay in Pre-AP classes.

In AVID you do many fun activities.  You go on field trips, they help you on homework and you learn about Cornell notes.  Ethyn Dominguez (7) says “Well, we organize our binders.’’

“People should join AVID because it gives them the extra support they need,“ says Angel Garcia (7). It certainly does and beside that it is very fun.

Here are some cool things to do in AVID. Noel Lara says, “We go on field trips and use iPads.” German Bolanos(7) says “Well, my favorite thing to do is our projects we do, and we get to challenge ourselves.”

AVID is a very smart choice to choose as an elective and if you want to challenge yourself, this elective is for you.              -Cody Krywoszej

Alpha Phone

People have been asking this question for years;”What’s better, Apple or Android?’’ Here are some facts to help you answer the question for yourself.  Apple, a multimillion dollar company, owns roughly about 44.9% of the market, while Android, also a multimillion dollar company, owns roughly closely to 44.8% of the market, according to Google.                   Steve Jobs died on October 5th, 2011. Lauren Wheat (7) says, “I’m sad because he should have had a better doctor.”

So now what is the Alpha phone? According to students at Garner MS 77% say apple is better  Henry McClure (7) says “I like apple because It’s legit.” And 23% say android and Lyle Bartels (7) says “I like android because it’s better than apple.”

Which has better battery life Apple of Android? 92% of students believe android has better battery life leaving apple with 8% of students.

Finally which is more simple to use Apple or Android? According to 95% of students say apple is easier to use leaving android with 5% of students. In conclusion most garner students prefer apple over android but, most garner students did say Android had better battery life. Post in the comments what you think the alpha phone is.