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Top YouTubers of all Time (according to me)

YouTube is a place for you to laugh and enjoy the videos many people work hard to make. Kids spend a lot of time on YouTube, but which channels are the best for kids? Which should we be allowed to watch at school? Here are mt top 3 channels we should be allowed to watch at school and Home.

3. Hishe- Known as How It Should Ended, this channel makes parodies of movies. Griffin Korte (7th) says he watches their show” because they are awesome and it’s creative because he gets celeb to do their voices in his (animated) videos.” They do funny videos lots of people can enjoy.

2. Tobuscus- He is a YouTuber who makes funny videos,vlogs,creative videos like his Dr.pepper 10 advertisment which is animated like his new I-Phone game where you fight zombies. “He is funny and creative through his animated videos”, says Cody Krywoszej (7th)

1. Asap Sceince- A team of  scientist tell people things you dont know about yourself or others,like how to lose weight and how we could stop the sun from buring us alive  in 1 billons years. I watch them because I find out stuff like,which came first chicken or egg?

The People Behind the Projects

Have you ever wondered who makes up the dances and parties or who organizes the school store? Well it is the Student Council! The leader of the Council is Mrs.Kickhoefers room 1005 .this is what she had to say about the Council.

“Student Council is a service organization of students who are leaders of their school”

She also said that the school store is “its where they earn money for projects like Dances, Parties, & Spirit Sticks.

The student council plans their next project is Nacho Ordinary dance.

Top 5 Haunted Houses in Texas

Have you ever felt like your house was spooky or scary or didnt feel right? Maybe its Haunted! There are many haunted houses around the world.Here are the top 5 scariest houses or sites in Texas !

#5: Terror Manison in San Antonio – puts you in the middle of a frightening maze where you run, walk, & crawl your out . Wear your running shoes!

#4: The Barn of Misery in Bandera – Come witness the horror in the hills as you take a spooky hayride, terrorized by the ghost of Bander [Must be 13 yrs or older and have no heart conditons]

#3: Cutting Edge Haunted House in Dallas, Texas- Guinness’s world record for the worlds largest haunted house, located in a meat packing plant, rumored to be where many cowboy gangster were buried including Sundance Kid, Doc Holiday, & Jesse James! also open on Valentine’s day with a cool “Twisted Love Tour and Dinner”. [Must be 13 yrs or older and have no heat conditons]

#2: Scream World in Houston, Texas – a scary attraction with 3 haunted houses (including a movie monster house), a 3D room of paints with 3D glasses, an arcade and lots of fun for all of the family.

#1: The Hauned Railroad Crossing in South San Antonio – Legend says that 19 yrs ago a school bus of small childern were going over some railroad tracks when the bus suddenly stopped and the driver couldn’t get it to drive when a speeding train hit the bus and the driver & en kids died. If you sit on the railroad tracks in your car on neutral, your car will move off of the tracks with no one touching the wheel or pedal. Putting baby powder on the back of the car afgter you move youll move see tiny hand prints.