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Candy Town

Are you addicted to Candy Crush? Well, if you are then you need to read this. The producers of Candy Crush are making it bigger and better. They are planning to make more levels all the way up to about level 500. So start getting ready candy addict!

“I’m on level 104 and I got it at the beginning of the year,” said Coach Coleman. Some people like the strategy about it and others think it’s just relaxing.  

“It’s just fun to me,” says Lauren Wheat (7).

“I can’t wait for the new levels!” says Jannamarie Mendoza (7).

Nailing It

“I love the accent nail,” says Jannamarie Mendoza(7). Most girls know what the accent nail is (one nail painted a different color on the ring finger). Girls at Garner are loving this trend.

“I like painting my nails like that because sometimes I can’t choose which color I like better so I do both.  Also since I paint my nails often it works out for me,” says Amaya DeLuna(7). Some people don’t know why girls do it but some girls like it.

“I personally love it,” says Lauren Wheat(7). Girls do it because it’s a cool new fashion trend and it looks pretty.