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Garner Rocks the Socks

Garner Students have to wear uniforms, but that doesn’t stop them from wearing there favorite socks. You can mostly see socks if your’e wearing shorts but the students would do anything to show off their crazy socks. Christian Torres (7) says, “My favorite socks are Nike because they are very comfortable.”

Nathan Haynes (8) white Nike socks with white Jordans


Students Decide

Garner students are getting their choice sheets, so they can pick what classes they want for next year. As you know sixth graders can’t be in any sports this year but next year when they are seventh graders they can try out for sports. Eighth graders can now pick the classes they want for High School next year. Mason Prevost (8) says, ” I don’t know what to choose for next year.”

There are many great classes to choose whether you’re staying in Garner or going to MacArthur next year, but one thing is for sure, it’s you’re decision.

Garner Plans It Out

Garner Agenda book

This semester Garner supplied the students with a spring 2013 Student Planner (agenda book). Students can write in their agenda what they have been doing all through the day in their classes. The agenda also comes with a calendar that shows the holidays and special events that are coming up. Some students say it’s great having an agenda because they can be more organized.  If a student forgets if they had homework or not they could just look in their agendas. Lauren Galvan (8) says, “I don’t like the new agendas because it’s more work.”

Gissell Alcazar (8) says, ” It takes away time but I does make me more organized.” Agendas are useful to some student but others find them annoying to be carrying around. Overall, though, students should feel a little more organized as they begin school in 2013.