Mexican Candy Apples for the Holidays

Candy Apples
6 servings
1/2 cup water
3 cones of piloncillo (8oz)
2 lbs of apples
artificial colored liquid’s
Step 1 –
Put to boil with 1/2 cups water, and  the 3 cones of  Piloncillo until it melts. Leave to cool down and add the artificial color you want.

Step 2-

 Put a stick under the apple and then smear or cover the apple with the melted  Pilloncillo. Careful the melted pilloncillo will be hot.
Step 3-
Carefully put you’re favorite topping ( nuts,cocoa nut,Sprinkles ) and leave the caramel to harden; Enjoy!
Piloncillo-  a unrefined sugar (caramel) that is commonly used in Mexican cooking.

Target Closer Than Before

October 14, 2012 the new target by opened up and many people strarted going there instead of Walmart or the  Target all the way in Forum. The store is very well organized and everything is of good quality. Targets are always located next to places that lots of people shop at for example Ross and Dots. Mason Prevost (8) says ” I like Target because it’s where I always shop and now its closer.”

Target has always been nice to to schools and does many fund raisers for the schools in its community.

Did your Egg Break?


The 8th grade science classes did a Egg Drop Project in which they had to give their egg some kind of protection so the egg wouldn’t break when it was dropped from the roof of the cafeteria. If your egg did not break or crack at all you got a 90 on the project, if the egg only cracked a little bit you got an 80 and if it completely broke your grade would be a 70. The only way you could fail was if you did not turn in a project at all. Mr Crowe and Mrs Smith were very impressed by the eggs that did not break. Some people put the egg in a jar full of peanut butter and other made weird contraptions like parachutes.




cup full of Peanut Butter
Mr. Crowe and Mrs. Smith checking the the Egg Drop projects.

The 4th period , 8th grade Science class

 Abbra cadabra!