Coming To An End!

We started off with fresh faces, good grades and new friends. As we went along in the year we grew up and learned new things, took a new test called STAAR, and there was just something special and different about this year. Whenever you start a new year, you think, ”Oh dear, this is going to be […]

The Big Biomes Book!

As you go along in the year new projects come up, some not so fun and some that you can’t wait to do. Just recently we completed a book made by our lovely seventh grade science teachers Mrs. Hampton and Mrs. Santos, which was called “Biomes of the World”. In the book you write about […]

They’re playing Basket-ball

Swish, swish, swish went the ball! Not every team can win, and not every team can be the best, but this team tries really hard to get their very first win this season. Tons of people love to tune in to watch their favorite team on the T.V., but with the Boys Garner Yearlings it’s […]