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The Chancla Boom

For these past few months, styles have gone in and out of the fashion world, but the one style that stays put are chanclas. Even through winter they survived, and now that it’s spring the boom has gotten even bigger.

These shoes are worn from San Francisco to D.C., and are worn by nearly every girl out there. They’ve become a big thing even here in Garner. When I asked Nicole Siemek (8) when and where she wears hers, she replied, “I wear mine everyday… Except when it’s raining.”

Chanclas are on the feet of everyone every day. Valeria Licerio (8) boasted, “I wear mine on the weekends all the time,” and of course she wears them to school, too. This trend has hit it big, and is expected to keep it going. There are countless stores out there that sell these sandals, so buy them now and it’ll save you trouble later.

-By Mercedes

Get Stoked for Warped 2012!

As the end of the year is arriving, so is summer.  With summer comes wild kids. And with wild kids comes Warped Tour 2012. It’s one of biggest tours of the year and this time it is going to be insane.

    Since this year’s lineup is berserk, so are the fans. Ticket presales start March 30th, and people are already saving up to go see their favorite artists. There are many different bands of many different genres just waiting to be part of one of the biggest points in their career. When asked who she wanted to see, Katherine Barns (7) said, “The bands I’m looking forward to seeing are Chelsea Grin, Sleeping With Sirens, and Of Mice & Men.”

    Warped isn’t just for kids, though. Even some of the teachers here at Garner are going! There’s always plenty of adults at the tour for fun or supervision reasons. Coach Cox assured us that she was going with these words, “Of course! It’s going to be epic.”

    After 16 years of hard work Vans Warped Tour has become a diverse tour, featuring many genres of music. Since 1995 Vans has sponsored the tour, and this year is number 17. In 1998 they went international and they now have venues in Australia, Japan, Europe, Canada, and, of course, the United States.

    The tour has banned bands, also. From First to Last, Asking Alexandria, NOFX, and Broadway Calls are someof the bands banned from playing in their venues. Even though, fans still enjoy the tour where ever they are.  Fans camp out days before it starts and with booths set all over the place and food available, the tour has everything for everyone. There’s still plenty of time left to purchase tickets. Starting on March 30th they go on sale. To close, I’d like to say that Warped is something to fill summer break and fill summer break it will because on June 30th they’re coming to San Antonio. Stock up, get excited, and get going!


Risin’ On Up

Last year was a good year. It was a year full of new technology, movies, games, celebrity divorces and most of all, brand new music stars. They arrived fast and made a huge impact in the social lives of individuals all over the world.


According to, the top rising music stars of 2011 were, to name a few, Foster the People, Hot Chelle Rae, One Direction, and Tyler, the Creator but now it’s time for more innovations. When asked if she knew any artists that would burst through this year, Brenda Lopez (8) replied, “Yeah, I know T. Mills will.”  Nicole Colla (8) was asked the same and gave the answer, “I think Kazer might.”

Rising to the top of the music charts might be difficult, but some artists are lucky enough to catch the attention of the audience and break through.

By: Mercedes