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Break Time!


The delightful day of Thanksgiving is fast approaching and folks are fabricating plans for the one week vacation the children in NEISD have. Sometimes, teachers are curious as to what their students might be doing over their break, so I asked a few people what they were doing over break, and Olivia Sweet (8) replied, “I’m going to spend it with my family,” and Sophia Pollock (8) said,” I’m not doing anything over break.” I also asked if they would be excited to come back and Olivia answered, “Yes, because I’d be happy to come back and talk about what they did over the break,” and Sophia said on the opposite spectrum with, “No, because I’m a lazy person who doesn’t like getting up in the morning.” Either way, break is coming and school will be out.

As the family gathers ‘round the table, foods that have been labored on for hours, even days, are set out and everyone digs in. Chatter and laughter fills the house with a warm atmosphere and everybody is getting along, at least for the time being. Everyone’s having a joyful time, but no one is thinking about the next day.

Once Thanksgiving is over, everything goes back to normal and you have three extra days left. What does one do during those three days? Will you think about school? Catch up on school work, clean up after the dinner the last day, or will you just take a break? Well, after three days, the break is up and it’s back to school time! Kids pack up once again in the morning and the rest of the last portion of the semester begins.


by Mercedes

The Haunting Hauntcert

By Mercedes

The Hauntcert is a spectacular and spooky event held by Mrs. Malone, the Garner Middle School orchestra conductor, every year as she dresses up as a witch and conducts mysterious music. This year it’s on Friday the 21st at 7 PM, only TEN DAYS before the beloved night of Halloween.

The orchestra will be playing a wide variety of music. What music you ask? “We’ll playing songs from the Wizard of Oz. Others are Skeleton’s Dance, Rockin’ Halloween and Dark Adventure.”, describes Mrs. Malone. “I won’t be able to go, but I bet it’ll be great.” says a parent of one of the cellists in the orchestra.  Anyone who does go will have fun listening to the exciting music Garner’s orchestra will play.

Orchestra concerts may not be believed to be the most interesting thing in the world, but it’s often underestimated. From my own point of view, orchestra concerts are nice and tranquil, but still exciting. If you’re going, I guarantee, whether you’re playing or not, you’ll have loads of fun