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Sonic is known everywhere for their wonderful corndogs. “The Sonic corn dogs are better than any other corn dog I have ever had,” Conner Wiley (6) said.

May 25th, 2013 Sonic is having 50 cent corn dogs all day! Sonic has other great deals too, like happy hour every day from 2-4pm at your local Sonic. There are also half priced milk shakes after 8pm. Sonic has a big variety in flavors of shakes and drinks too. Sonic is the perfect place to go for a nice treat. Be sure you don’t miss out on the fifty cent corn dogs. “Sonic has the best food on the planet, it’s so raw!” said Tyler Dullnig (7).


work on your game at Garner Summer camp.


“The Garner Summer Sports Camp is mainly to get you to stay in shape, and to work on you specific skills like throwing the football, and shooting the basketball”, says coach Dooley. “It also gets you in the weight room to get you quicker and stronger.”

This camp is fun, and it gets you to stay in shape. It is also one of the cheapest camps. You can go for only for $85 for a whole entire month, four hours a day, four days a week.“This camp is important to go to because it gives you more time to be with the coaches, and it keeps the momentum of your skill ability last year moving,” said Evan Rodgers (8).

Garners summer recreation sports camp provides a safe place to participate in sport activities. To register, or if you have questions stop by the boy’s locker room and get a summer camp brochure from Coach Melendez or Coach Dooley.



          Kevin Ware is a student athlete at Louisville University. He is on the mens basketball squad. Louisville made it all the way to the elite eight in the national tournament, and was facing Duke to advance to the final four. Louisville was doing good keeping the lead. Then Duke’s guard, Tyler Thorton shot a three, and Kevin Ware flew in the air contesting the shot. Tyler hit the shot and got back on defense like a normal play. Kevin Ware landed on his knee wrong, and pounded the bone through his skin. The crowd stopped cheering, and all of his teammates busted into tears, and all you heard from Ware was, “Win the game! Win the game!”

After Ware was taken out of the gym, Louisville didn’t stop playing. They worked even harder, and finished the game beating Duke 85-63. Louisville advanced to the final four where they play Wichita State. In the game Louisville wore shirts stating all in for #5, and rise to the occasion dedicated to Kevin Ware. Louisville beat Wichita state 72-68 advancing to the national championship. Louisville faced Michigan in the national championship. Michigan had the lead most of the game, but Hancock from Louisville hit four threes back to back bringing the Cardinals back into the game. Louisville ended up winning against Michigan all for Ware. Kevin Ware got to cut down the net, and the Louisville Cardinals were crowned national champions.