A New Beginning For Garner

If you go to Garner Middle School then you probably know all about the new addition to Garner.

Although if you don’t go to Garner, read on about the new building that Garner will be getting.

The new building will consist of so many things like a new outside Basketball court, Tennis court, and even a new cafeteria.

The new building will be two stories with brand new classrooms and we will even have elevators.

Mrs.Northway said, “The building will be ready on December 24, 2015. Also, teachers will start moving in there during Spring Break of 2016.”

Mr.Sellers said, “These classrooms that we are in right now will stay  until the community says otherwise and then when we get paperwork worked out, they will come down to make way for more new buildings.”

A great advantage to teachers and students is that the classrooms will be much bigger and there will be all new furniture in them.

Another good thing about this new building is that each grade level will have their own wing.

I know a bunch of students and staff are very excited for this new building especially since our older buildings are over 50 years old.


This a picture of the back of the science and how well it is coming out. This is the first part of Garner's new building.

The first part of Garner’s new building.

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Maybe you always ask yourself, why go to school? It is obviously necessary to have a good education and to be something in life, but sometimes that’s not good enough for the students. Now, there is one more reason to go to school. It’s about this ATTENDANCE activity where the students get to dance all crazy. The activity works like this: Every time everybody in your second period class comes to school, the teacher puts a letter of the word “attendance” up on the board and when you complete the whole word, at the end of class you get to dance and enjoy some fun music.

This activity does not encourage all of the students though. Andrea Ruiz (7) said, “It does not encourage me because it’s about dancing and that’s not fun.”

Some students don’t like dancing and that’s why they don’t enjoy this activity, but there is still that choice of just doing it to be competitive.

On the other hand, Mr. Bridges, the sixth grade health teacher said, “I think the students like it because my second period class looks forward to counting the students that are coming in and they like dancing.” Students are excited about this activity.

In conclusion, some students are enjoying this activity, but some aren’t. Everybody has their own opinion, but this sure is an activity that can encourage students to come to school. They like dancing or they simply like being competitive.

Mr. Bridges is pointing at the word and it seems that his second period class only needs a couple of letters to complete the word.

Mr. Bridges is pointing at the word and it seems that his second period class only needs a few more letters to complete the word.

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Samuel “Sam” Irizarry: A Strong Basketball Player

Sam Irizarry (8) at Garner Middle School is a hard working student.

Outside of school he plays basketball for AU, which is a league for basketball outside of school.

Sam says, “I like the sport because I can do flawless lay-ups.”

Sam Irizarry is also on the A-team of Garner Middles School’s basketball team. He plays the position power forward.  Come watch him play at their next game.


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