Garner Football

The 8th Grade Garner Yearlings have recently had their first football game in the rain against Wood Middle school this past Tuesday. The rain, like the Yearlings, came down on the opposing team without warning. The A team came down with a win of over 16 points, but the B team wasn’t as successful. While without a win, their strong defensive line stopped Wood from scoring in a 0-0 tie. The weather was an issue, but not for Garner. Although the ball was slippery, the A team did not make one fumble and powered through the rain for the win.


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M&M Bowl

September 26, 2015 was MacArthur’s and Madison’s annual high school football game. Mac and Madison are longtime rivals who are both high school teams in NEISD. It was a terrific game with MacArthur pulling ahead in the 2nd quarter. Both were evenly matched for each other, but only one of them could take home the victory.

With each team scoring touchdowns, it would go back and forth with MacArthur ahead, and the Madison pulling up. Finally in the 2nd quarter, MacArthur pulled ahead for the rest of the game. Even after MacArthur pulled ahead, the suspense was still high with cheering crowds and bands.

The high school students were supporting the teams with colorful paint on their faces, in their hair, and on their arms and legs. Madison students had hats with spoons attached to them. There was no end to the high schoolers cheers. It was so loud you could have probably heard it all over town.

During half time MacArthur’s band was very impressive along with the dance, and cheer groups. The bands support helped rally the crowd.

When the suspenseful game finally came to a closing, the final score was 49 to 35 Mac beating Madison. The team suffering only two injuries both from Mac football. This year the M&M victory goes to Macarthur.

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Will we go to the championships?

By: Hannah G

What’s in store this year for 7th, and 8th grade football? It is the beginning of the season, and things are already looking promising. What is making the teams fight for the title of The Championship winners? Is it the teamwork, the confidence, or the attitudes of the players that make the team fight for the victory? 7th grade seems to kick off to a good start with “A” team beating Tejada on September 9, 2015, and beating Ed White on September 15, 2015 both games were away. “B” team ties against Tejada on September 9, 2015, and but shortly after the victory sadly losing to Ed White on September 15, 2015. Both games were away games. Zavnerrick Houston captain of the “B” in 7th grade said, “I feel like it’s going to be a great season. I feel like we can win District Championship.”

In 8th grade “A” team lost to Ed White September, 15 2015, while “B” team was victorious against Ed White September was victorious against Ed White September, 15 2015.  Can we go to the championships? Can the teams make the championships with courage, hope, and teamwork? Are we just getting warmed up getting ready to fight for the title of champions? The season is just starting let’s wait to find out if this year is the year.

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