The Walking Dead season 3 Ends

The walking Dead is a very popular show in cable television. The first episode came out October 31, 2010 and since then has become many peoples favorite show. The last episode of season 3 “Welcome to tombs” was shown March 31, 2013 and left many people wanting more since “Rick”(the sheriff) and his group did not get to Vanquish the “Governor” for attacking them in the prison. Richard Martinez (8) said ” I was shocked  at the end because they did not eliminate the governor and he might come back the next season.”

The next season is said to come back October 2013. Will Rick and his Group ever get to kill the Governor?

Brenda Zamora says, “I hope the next season is even better!”

R.I.P season 3-

Sarah Wayne Callies(Lori Grimes)

Luarie Holden(Andrea)

Iron E Singleton(T-Dog)

Micheal Rooker(Merle Dixon)

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Volleyball Season Ending

The Lady Yearlings fought an amazing season! But too bad that’s ending. Even though volleyball season is ending that doesn’t mean that most of the girls aren’t going to stop playing volleyball, most girls are trying out for club.
Ambriance Scott (7th) exclaims, “I will miss volleyball because it was fun, competitive, and you got to work with a team, who now are like family to me!” Caroline Snell (7th) also agrees with Ambriance, “I will really miss volleyball because I never was in club, so this was a new experience for me and I really love it.”
All the players can’t wait for next year so they can play what they love to do. And if you’re one of those girls, who are in 6th grade, who want to play volleyball you should go on ahead and do it!

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