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What’s New at the Cafeteria?

Picture of a tray

Do you enjoy the cafeteria food or do you have your doubts about it? Everybody has different opinions on what the Garner Middle School cafeteria is going to be serving. Some of the kids at Garner enjoy the cafeteria food, but some don’t.

Yessenia Chavarin (6) says, “I like the food because it tastes good; I also like the spicy chicken and the pizza.” She was also asked, if she could ask the lunch ladies one thing, what would she ask. She said, that she would ask them, “Do you enjoy your job?”

Mireya Ramos (8) exclaimed, “Sometimes I like the food, but other times I’m not in the mood.” She was also asked what other food the cafeteria should serve. She said “Tamales.”

Mari Lauriano (lunch lady) says, “The new health regulations are that you need to have a fresh fruit and vegetable and serving sizes have increased.” Also she was asked how the popularity of the salad bar has been. Her response was “Not as good as expected but we get quite a few students.” Lastly she was asked if she enjoyed her job. She said, “Yes, because I have been working here for 16 years.”

This year the cafeteria food has had some good comments and some not so good comments. But you could either enjoy your lunch here, at school, or bring your own.