Summer Near

By: Vyolette Summer Near Today of March 7, 2016 we only have 3 more months of school left and their summer waiting around the corner But then spring break is next week one week of break As the sun still hides behind the clouds but hopefully by the end of March everything will lighten up […]


By: Jada DREAM or MEMORY I walk along the Crystal Sandy beaches of the Caribbean An out to the clear blue sea. The light began to glissen on the reflection of the water As it shined through clear. I can hear the Vibrations of the waves As they crash against the sands peak seemingly to […]

Once Upon a Dream

By: Jada One man, One dream, One destiny. A nation united for a plan to change humanity. A plan to end the unjust laws against racism, once upon a Dream. Why was racism ever an issue? Why couldn’t it have been solved years ago among 2 common rivals? Why must it continue to preserve through […]