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Risin’ On Up

Last year was a good year. It was a year full of new technology, movies, games, celebrity divorces and most of all, brand new music stars. They arrived fast and made a huge impact in the social lives of individuals all over the world.


According to www.omgsamantha.com, the top rising music stars of 2011 were, to name a few, Foster the People, Hot Chelle Rae, One Direction, and Tyler, the Creator but now it’s time for more innovations. When asked if she knew any artists that would burst through this year, Brenda Lopez (8) replied, “Yeah, I know T. Mills will.”  Nicole Colla (8) was asked the same and gave the answer, “I think Kazer might.”

Rising to the top of the music charts might be difficult, but some artists are lucky enough to catch the attention of the audience and break through.

By: Mercedes