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What comes to mind when you hear the word perfect? Many girls around the world might say Barbie, but in actuality not even the face of perfection is perfect. Recent studies of what Barbie might look like if she was human instead of a doll had some shocking results! Barbie is supposed to portray a 20 year old women, yet her body is way far from the average healthy 20 year old female. The average 20 year old female has a height of 5 feet 3 inches, a waist size of 34 inches, and a weight of 160 pounds. Whereas Barbie would be 6 feet tall, have a waist size of 18 inches, and a weight of 100 pounds. The only way for a women in her twenties to achieve this body image is to adopt a well known eating disorder called Anorexia.¬† Teen girls have also¬†reached out to anorexia in order to achieve an unrealistic body image. Too many girls around the world are chasing the idea of perfection even though it doesn’t exist. Girls around the world should be setting standards for themselves to reach a healthy body image and not Baribie`s unrealistic body image, because what`s so perfect about being unhealthy?

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