High School, Electives, Endorsements, Oh My!

Churchill HS
Churchill HS

For Eisenhower’s eighth grade students, high school is right around the corner. Everyone seems to be talking about endorsements, classes, and electives. Though this time can be stressful, it’s also extremely exciting! Our students are preparing and planning their future, which is a big deal. The choices they make today will pave the way for college and life! Because of this, it’s important to have discussions and answer as many questions as you can for these eighth graders; after all, this is brand new for them!


I interviewed Katelyn Cox, an eighth grader here at Ike to get the inside scoop on how she’s feeling and what she’s excited about. Her answers were not only candid and personal, but filled with excitement! Our eighth graders are ready for high school, even if many of them are nervous or even a little anxious!


Q: Hello Katelyn! Thank you for agreeing to be in my interview! So, are there are worries you have about high school?

A: I’m worried about the people and grades. I don’t really like talking to many people, and I’m afraid of failing.

Q: Well, I’m sure you’ll do just fine in high school! What endorsements did you choose?

A: I chose Fine Arts and the Foreign Language endorsement.

Q: Those are some great endorsements! Why do you choose those endorsements out of all of the other ones?

A: Well, I want to be fluent in sign language. I also really like playing in the band, so those endorsements are great for me.

Q: Thank you once again Katelyn! I wish you luck in high school and hope that you have fun fulfilling your endorsements!

Future Chargers are ready for high school!


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