Mr. Eaton Receives the Prestigious Trinity Prize!

Mr. Eaton wins Trinity
Mr. Eaton wins Trinity

If you’ve visited the NEISD website recently, you would see that one of Eisenhower’s teachers has won quite the award! This award, often known as the Trinity Prize, is given to those teachers that go the extra mile inside and outside of the classroom. The Trinity Prize was created in 1982 specifically for public school teachers that show tremendous amounts of leadership and community service. Mr. Eaton, an algebra teacher here at Ike, certainly deserves an award like this. I have spoken to plenty of  students who claim Mr. Eaton teaches them algebra effectively, but also gives them encouraging speeches and helps them feel better. Until recently, he even had a closet filled with stuffed bears that he gave to his students when they felt down and upset.

“Mr. Eaton is very supportive towards his students, whether it’s a math problem or something personal,” Grace Sparks, an algebra student, stated, “That’s why he’s my favorite teacher.” It’s plain and simple to see that Mr. Eaton truly cares about his students and their success. Our campus is truly lucky to have so many wonderful teachers like Mr. Eaton who truly care about their job and their students. When you see Mr. Eaton around campus, make sure to congratulate him and thank him for all that he does. Because of him, many students have a smile on their face, even when heading to algebra.



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