Be Smart, Dress The Part

As you may have noticed, we have a dress code here at Eisenhower. This dress code consists of jeans, khakis, school spirit shirts or a white collared polo. We went around the school asking one student in each grade their take on the dress code. Here are the results.

Some sixth graders here at IKE are new to uniforms. When I was in sixth grade, I was so relieved that I didn’t have to pick out a different outfit every morning. On the other hand, I asked a new sixth grader her thoughts on the new uniform. “I like the uniforms because they’re not like the regular uniforms that consist of skirts and a fancy shirt or sweater,” she said. After talking to her, I feel lucky not to have to wear the uniforms she mentioned. So, there you have it. A sixth grader’s view on uniforms. But let’s see what a seventh grade boy thinks.

Many seventh graders have  been wearing uniform for two years now. Giovanni, a 7th grader had mentioned “I don’t really like the uniform because it’s uncomfortable and not fun to wear a certain type of clothes.” Our school uniform isn’t really that comfortable to wear so he does have a good point. Now that we know our seventh grader doesn’t like it, we should talk to one of our eighth graders about the uniform.

Out of the many people in our school the people who have dealt with dress code/ uniforms the most are eighth graders. With three years of dress code, an 8th grade student from IKE, Grace who’s last year of uniforms is this year mentioned “I’m excited to wear what I want to wear, the shirts that they wear here are decent but they just sometimes don’t fit who you are and it’s better to wear what you want to wear.” After talking to all of these grades we have a better understanding of how the students feel here at ike, but what is the real reason behind it?

In order to get a full view on whether or not uniforms/dress code are needed we went to talk to the assistant principal, Mr. Oropez. He mentioned, “We have uniforms really for safety, so that way we can tell who’s an Eisenhower student and who isn’t. I don’t think that if we took away uniforms your grades would go up because you can wear whatever you want to wear, so I don’t think it has an impact on your learning.” So as you can see we all have different opinions on uniforms between all grade levels and the reasoning behind them. We all view it differently, which is ok. The point is whether or not uniforms impact our learning in any way really depends on the student themselves and how they choose to view it. They can make it a good thing of not having to think about what to wear or take it as a negative and hate it by choice.

Kianna, Sara, and Lizzie


Time Flies By

Have you ever been late to one of your classes? Well if you have, you know that it stinks. Most classes are right around the corner from each other, but what if you have to get from one side of the school to the other. It’s not fair to the kids who have far away classes and get in trouble because the passing period is to short to the ones who have classes next to each other. Last year we had 5 minutes of passing time, this year we only have 4 minutes. We  think the 1 minute taken off was a huge impact to us students. We think that we should add the one minute back because then students will have more time to get to class and not worry about being late. So what do you think? Do you like 4 minutes or do you want 5?

Give us your opinion here

Is 4 minutes enough?

Emma and Bella

What’s the beef? -With school lunches

Do you buy lunch at school? Most kids at IKE this year do! But does that mean they enjoy the lunches they eat? People don’t enjoy the school lunches as much as they should. When people buy their lunches at school they should be getting good quality food and not food that looks like it was put together with no effort. The school food should be good quality, not soggy and fake tasting. When I buy school lunches I avoid the meat products like hamburgers and chicken sandwiches because the meat tastes fake, the buns are soggy and they made them with a whole wheat bun that makes  them taste yukky. I asked Layla Gonzalez , a seventh grader here at IKE , what she thinks about the school’s food. Her response was…” The school’s food is ok, but I would like them to stop trying to make it healthy in some ways. Like the buns on the hamburgers are whole wheat and gross.There soggy and wet. The reason why I bring my lunch is because I feel the school food is not the best quality and I like eating good quality food for lunch. It would be nice to get the school to have catered food on fridays like Pizza Hut or Chick-Fil-A.” I agree with Layla when she said she would like catered food on fridays. I think this would be a good option for students.The meals may cost a little more but I think a little more cost is better than cheap bad food.

Now there are some choices In the cafeteria that aren’t so bad. Each day there is a new menu item on the hot grill. On Tuesday its tacos on Wednesday its mexican food. They also have pizza, chili pies and much much more! Everyday kids have the option to buy yogurt and chips. There are salads and wraps. There is also some fresh fruit, it can be good sometimes, but most of the time I see kids avoiding it. There are great drink options at school though! They have orange juice and apple juice. Sparkling water. Water bottles. And chocolate, white and strawberry milk. So what do you say? Should we change the school lunch menu or should we keep it the way it is?


Written by: Bella


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