8th Grade Volleyball Season

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Jennifer dives to make a play.

Bump, set, spike…Point! We win, we lose, and every team has their bad days & their good days but in the end, it’s all about progress, teamwork, and growing as a team. The 8th grade Lady Jags had a great season with entertaining and epic games from A-Team, B-team, & Go-Team. We had over seventy 8th grade girls playing on our big 8th grade team this season! We started with 11 girls on A-team, 11 girls on B-team, and 46 girls on Go-team. In the end we had 10 players on A-Team, 12 players on B-team, and our 46 players on Go-team. But we’re still one big happy team!

            This season was fun for the girls because we really got to know our team and become closer friends each other throughout the season. There was practice every day after school and games every Thursday! We sure got in a lot of playing time and a lot of support from our family members, faculty members, and of course our loving friends! Each team played 9 games this season and there was an A/B tournament for the Jackson lady jags vs. the Driscoll Defenders and the Harris Hawks on Saturday, September 10, 2011 at Littleton (Blossom Athletic Center). B-team beat the Driscoll Defenders and suffered a close loss to the Harris Hawks. A-team lost two close games vs. Driscoll and Harris. They were sad but came back and played their best during the season. They had a lot of fun and close games and we all know they played their absolute highest! Even though B-Team lost to The Eisenhower Generals and Harris Hawks during the season, they won District Champs, congrats Lady Jags! Go-team had a great season with Orange team and Black team taking turns playing every other week. We also can’t forget to thank our coaches, managers, volunteer line judges, and everyone that supported the Lady jags this season!

            Our last game of the season was Thursday November 3rd, 2011 vs. Ed White Middle School. We were all sad it was the last game but happy we got a season full of fun! Go-team played 3 games and won, B-team played 2 games and won, and A-team played 2 games and won! What a victorious night!

The Jags setting up a spike!

At the beginning of the season, we were all still trying to get the hang of things in practice, running through drills, peppering, scrimmaging, and those dreaded but reassuring consequences. Drills with our team for method, peppering with our partners for warming up, scrimmaging with our individual teams for technique, and consequences with our whole 8th grade team for un-tucked shirts, misbehavior in class, talking on campus on the bus ride to and from away games, not doing what we’re supposed to do during practice, and not reaching our goals for our drills during practice. Yes, it is very awakening. Although, all this practice, interactions with our big team, and yes, even the constant consequences, have made us all better players, better friends, better students, and a better team.

All the teams went out there and tried their best this season, that’s all that counts! Get ready Jackson, coming soon…Lady Jags Basketball!



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  1. Emily says:

    Volleyball season was fun to watch, but now it’s over!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!

  2. Tyler Gallegos says:

    I never went to a single game except for conssecion stands

  3. Carolina Pinales says:

    Cant believe volleball season is over. But had a blast being their manager.

  4. Hess Ginsburg says:

    I can’t believe that volleyball is already over.

  5. Emily says:

    Lady Jags did good throughout the season! Way to go Lady Jags!!!!

  6. Emily Gallegos says:

    It was a great season Lady Jags….!

  7. Sayde Navarro says:

    Great job on the article Megan! 😀
    Jackson had an amazing vollyball season, even though its 8th grade’s last year, it still went really well 😀

  8. Naomi Owsley says:

    Im so sad that volleyball season ended. But at least it ended with a bang! Good job Megan and great job Lady Jags!

  9. Eva Vargas says:

    Great Job Megan….GO LADY JAGS!!!!!

  10. lauren linares says:

    i cant believe the season is already over… anywayy good job LADY JAGS!

  11. bri villalobos says:

    way to go lady jags!

  12. lauren linares says:


  13. Skylar Melchor says:

    Volleyball was amazing! All the teams were great!

  14. cynthia says:

    love the pictures!

  15. montsy monterro says:

    hahaha I MISSS MY LADY JAGS <3

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