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| November 14, 2011 | 17 Comments

Adam impressing the coaches, going up for a layup.

As basketball season kicks off to a great start, many players realize that basketball and football are two different things. The biggest difference is there is way more running in basketball than football. Coaches watch in amazement as they make tough decisions on whom to put on their A, B, and C teams. Many kids run up and down the courts, shooting, and making shots. As the players try their hardest this season they have only one goal. To get that Golden Basketball Trophy!!!!!!!!!  During These games come see the Jackson Jaguars whip all the opponents to the ground. The first Jackson game is November 17, 2011 on Thursday. The site of the game is At Lopez Middle School; the first game is at 4:30 p.m. The next games are listed as below:

Game 2: Dec.1 V.S Harris at Harris Middle School

Game 3: Dec.8 V.S Krueger at Krueger Middle School

Game 4: Dec.15 V.S Garner at Jackson Middle School

Game 5: Jan. 5 V.S Wood at Wood Middle School

Game 6: Jan.12 V.S Nimitz at Jackson Middle School

Game 7: Jan. 19 V.S Eisenhower at Eisenhower Middle School

Game 8: Jan.26 V.S Driscoll at Driscoll Middle School

Game 9: Jan. 30 V.S Ed White at Jackson Middle School

Sam drives the lane during a practice drill.
Joseph grabs the rebound and heads back up for a quick shot.

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  1. Emily says:

    I’m excited for basketball and i can’t wait to watch!

  2. Carolina Pinales says:

    Im ready to see the baskteball games!

  3. Tyler Gallegos says:

    Basketball is awesome

  4. Sayde Navarro says:

    I actually like this article on basketball, Lets hope we win alot of games jackson! 😀

  5. Emily Gallegos says:

    Good Luck Jackson Jaguars!

  6. Emily says:

    I love basketball and I can’t wait to watch! See you there!!!!

  7. Megan Ojeda says:

    I can’t wait for basketball season! 🙂 Girls basketball is going to be so fun! I can’t wait to go and cheer on at the games! Lets go Jackson Jaguars! 🙂 <3 RAWR!
    [P.S. thats Sam, not Kyle…]

  8. Naomi Owsley says:

    Good job. 😉

  9. lauren linares says:

    I can’t believe basketball is already here!!! my goal is to go to everygame.(: < probably not true but i will go to the games.

  10. bri villalobos says:

    cant wat til girls basketball starts!

  11. lauren linares says:

    Girls and guys basketball teams are going to beast it up!!!!!(:

  12. patrick says:

    cant wait to go to the home games and see us beat everybody

  13. patrick says:

    Lets hope one of our teams get district

  14. cynthia says:

    good story!

  15. Kyle Lilie says:

    OMGGGGGG we are the beaster jaggysssss, BTW thats not mEee c team rule and im moving to B team

  16. montsy monterro says:

    I hope they did good! (:

  17. betsy ross says:


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