the new soccer stadium for the scorpions

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The New soccer Stadium for the Scorpion

To represent the pride of our San Antonio soccer team, The Scorpions, the city has built a new Stadium just for them. The stadium is named Toyota Field and is being sponsored by Toyota too.  The stadium is located by the Star Soccer fields and Morgans Wonderland. The Stadium is over on Thousands Oak and Wurzbach Parkway. The stadium is going to hold a total capacity of 8,000 people. The Stadium is also going to be able to hold concerts and other festivals. The stadium will be opening on Saturday April 13, 2013. If you go to the San Antonio Scorpions Website you can watch the construction of the stadium. The Scorpions are so excited to get a new field that they can call their own and I think it would be a great place to go visit.

Schedule For Games at soccer stadium:

April 28,2013  away game   3:00pm

May 4,2013    at Toyota Field     7:30pm

May 11,2013  away game       6:00pm

May 18,2013   at Toyota Field   7:30pm

May 25,2013   away game      7:30pm

June 1,2013    at Toyota Field    7:30pm

June 15,2013   away game      6:30pm

June 22,2013  at Toyota Field      7:30pm


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