The History of Cheerleading

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The History of Cheerleading

By: Demi Villarreal

        Most people think of cheerleaders as, snotty girls who like to wear short skirts. But in reality, they are leaders and role models to many people. They are athletic people who love to entertain crowds of all sizes, female and male. Cheerleading is a sport that takes courage, determination and spirit.

        Cheerleading’s roots are closely tied to american football. The first college football game was playing in 1869. The game was between Princeton University and Rutgers University in New Jersey, by the 1880’s, Princeton had formed an all male pep club.

        However, women were not allowed to join these clubs or squads until the 1960’s. By that type, cheerleading could be found in virtually every high and grade school in America. People also started creating Pee Wee and youth leagues. Many people thought that it was a great way to pump up the crowd.

        Soon after, All-Star cheerleading started. It grew rapidly through the 1990’s. All-Star cheerleading is mostly based o athletic training and competition performances. School-based cheerleading tried focusing on leadership and spirit qualities. But, both types of cheerleading are equally important.

        “The coach can make you practice, the crowd can cheer you on, but only your heart can make you a cheerleader.”

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  1. Tori Martinez says:

    This article is very nice and powerful. It shows the understanding of a cheerleader ,yet also allows us to hold a new judgement towards the situation. You’ve changed the view of cheerleaders by saying, They are entertainers and need courage to do what they do. By saying this you have changed the perspective of cheerleaders.

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