Bio~ Sadie Bowden

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By~ Sadie Bowden

Sadie is a humorous, energetic, weird, 7th grader at Jackson Middle School. She is an only child and has a skittish cat, a hyper active dog, and a boring turtle at home. (And of course her parents too) Even though Sadie is a hard working student, she likes to have as much fun as she can handle. Sadie also loves the sports~ basketball, hockey, and bowling. She also plays the viola, a disc jockey system, (DJ) and some what drums. In her extra time she enjoys hanging with her friends or creating a unique piece of work. Her number one goal in life is to become a DJ and create mixes and music. If you ever see this awesome but  interesting gal in the hallways, you should definitely give her a high five. đŸ™‚

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