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By: Karin Luna

Middle school can be quite nerve-racking. Especially for the newcomers at Jackson Middle School who are most times scared of just being introduced to the next 3 years of their life, and how they will be treated since they are the cubs on campus. Some 6th graders have heard frightening stories, a few say they will be just fine, and others are very excited, but at the end of the day they are all quite shaky. Teachers are apprehensive of this because it happens every year, but 7th and 8th graders don’t remember how they felt in 6th grade. In my experience, there were some really nice 7th and 8th graders, but there were also the ones who say they “hate” 6th graders and the ones that act like 6th graders don’t exist. My question has always been why? I mean, what’s so wrong with 6th graders? Everyone has been a 6th grader once in their lifetime, so why? The answer became clear when I entered 7th grade. You feel like you rule over the 6th graders because you’re older, but you really don’t. Middle school changes you, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Try to remember how you felt during your 6th grade year, remember how you were treated or what other students mentioned about the 6th graders during your time. Be nice and try to meet the newcomers because they’re people too and a lot of them are pretty awesome. So remember, you were once a 6th grader and treat people the way you will like to be treated!

Interview with 6th graders:

Q: How are you liking your 6th grade year so far? How did you feel at the beginning of the year?

Student #1:Francisco- It’s good I guess. I felt very nervous at the beginning of the year.

Student #2:Zoe- It’s fun! I felt nervous at the beginning of the year.

Student #3:Tony- It’s pretty cool. I liked it because I could have lunch with my friends and I like to study. I was looking forward to it and was very excited about 6th grade.

Q: Who is your favorite teacher? What is your favorite class and why?

Student #1:My favorite class is AIM with Mrs. Lozano beacuse we watch movies.

Student #2: My favorite class is AIM because there is no homework. Ms. Ulrich  is my favorite teacher.

Student #3:My favorite teacher is Mrs. Shell and Mrs. Lozano. My favorite class is Mrs. Shell’s class because we have fun and learn while kind of messing around.

Q: Do you like the 7th and 8th graders? Are they nice to you?

Student #1:I don’t know any 7th or 8th graders. 7th and 8th graders are kind of mean to some people, but not to me.

Student #2:I like 7th and 8th graders, but most don’t pay attention to us.

Student #3: I think the 7th and 8th graders are pretty cool,  but I don’t really know any 7th or 8th graders cause they just ignore me.

Q: Any other comments you will like to add about this school year?

Student #1: none.

Student #2:none

Student #3:I hope its a good school year cause it’s starting pretty cool.

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