What Will This Era Be Called?

| October 13, 2013 | 6 Comments

By: Heidi Reichling

You’ve probably heard of the science and discovery era in sixth grade, but have you ever wondered what our era will be called?

Some websites say that our time will be called the digital age, others say it will be called the age of knowledge. But what will people really remember about us? Will they remember us being nerds, or will they remember the technology? So the question is, what will we be called?

When I turn on the radio, it takes a little while to find a good station, even in the car. When I do find a good song I like, I have to wait for the next song to determine if the station is okay for me to listen to. Most of the time it isn’t. This got me thinking, if even most of the songs we listen to are inappropriate, then how would people in the future think of us if they saw some of the shows that we watch?  Don’t get offended, but take Katy Perry’s  Roar music video. If you’ve seen it, then you know that she’s showing too much skin. If you don’t think she is, then that’s just me being cautious. I know the world isn’t perfect, but can we at least keep inappropriate language and actions out of our daily lives. Personally, the word inappropriate brings to mind all the things I’ve heard at this very school! I thought this era could be called the inappropriate age because of all the people who watch bad shows, listen to bad music, and say bad words.

Then again, we have so much technology around us, we have the science of a digital age, we have the Iphone, the computer, the videos we watch. We have the brain power, well at least the computers do, to become the techno whizzes of the world.  The scientists say that we are actually falling behind on improving technology, that we’re inventing more inventions for entertainment. We should be building more machines to help people. So why don’t we?

The age of knowledge? Where did we even come up with that idea? Human brains are actually holding less memory space than about 50 years ago. But because we attend more school and have more resources to find information, this is a possibility name.

Any of these could be what our era is called, but we won’t officially know until the century is over.

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  1. jackson says:

    Wow, awesome! I wonder what this era will be called too!

  2. jackson says:

    I really want to see more of your articles/stories chica! I love everything about this article. I also really love Katy Perry so your statements about her was so true!
    ~Sadie Bowden

  3. Jackson says:

    nice story it was very detailed with lots of descriptive words

  4. jackson says:

    This is amazing! It’s probably something people haven’t even thought about! Hopefully this makes people think about how the world is becoming 🙂 Love your connections!

  5. jackson says:

    I totally agree with you on this. like you said we won’t know what the real name of our era will be until the end of this century. Nice story!!!! 😀

  6. jackson says:

    Love. It.

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