Apple’s Logo Story

| November 1, 2013 | 1 Comment

By: Heidi Reichling

Apple’s Logo Story

I’m sure you’ve seen the Apple logo, the one underneath your Iphone (in case you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

Apple is probably one of the most successful companies in America; it is a company that designs and creates technology. But why is their logo an apple?

Apple’s first logo, believe it or not, was of Issac Newton sitting under an apple tree. This was designed by Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne in 1976, the logo said “Newton……. a mind forever voyaging through the strange seas of thought……alone”. The logo also had a banner around the corner of the frame that said ‘Apple Computer Co.’

Steve Jobs wasn’t exactly sure if this was the right logo, so after a year he ditched the idea. He hired Rob Janoff to create a new logo, one where it was more focused on the apple. Janoff did a good job, creating the “Rainbow Apple”. The apple was there to honor the discovery of gravity, plus the rainbow stripes represent separation of light. The arrangement of color was in no specific order Robert Janoff says, the green was at the top of the apple to color the leaf green. The Rainbow Apple was also to bring the company to a more human controlled base. The Rainbow Apple logo was a remembrance of Issac Newton, and possibly to the fruit from the tree of knowledge from Adam and Eve’s story. The rainbow stripes were on the apple to represent the amount of color capability. Apple began to use a bright black look for their logo in 1998. The Rainbow Apple lasted about 22 years, after that Steve Jobs decided to exterminate that idea. But Steve Jobs wanted to try something a little bit more three dimensional. That’s how they came up with the white Apple.

Ever heard of the Macintosh computer(Mac For short)? Even this term is a type of apple!

The apple itself though would look pretty weird without the bite, wouldn’t it? That’s what Steve Jobs thought. He put the bite in the apple so we would know it’s an apple not a tomato or a potato! The shape of the apple, though, hasn’t changed in 33 years. It most likely won’t ever change, but you never know!

The apple logo will be one of the most remembered brands in computers I believe. Apple probably won’t be the same since Steve Jobs death, but maybe a new genius will come along and go for Apple!


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  1. jackson says:

    That is incredible! Never thought about the Apple logo’s story!!! You are such a great writer and amazing journalist!

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