Teen Drug Abuse

| November 12, 2013 | 4 Comments

By: Heidi Reichling

You’ve probably heard that a school can drug test you at random when you enter the “drug dealings” of Jr. High. Well, this is true, but a school can drug test you if they believe that you might be abusing drugs.

The way I used to think a school would drug test you would to have somebody offer you a drug in a private place such as the bathroom or a hall closet and see if you take it. This however isn’t how most schools drug test. A drug test at school will most likely involve a urine sample. Gross I know, but also true.

Drug abuse can sometimes be avoided by a family member who continues to resist drugs any way possible or strongly disagrees with drugs this can reduce a teen’s chance of using drugs up to 42%. Even though this is a simple solution to help prevent drug abuse, only 25% percent of teens recall having this sort of conversation. 60% of teens said that dugs had been sold, used, kept, and confiscated at their school. In addition there is a growing use of drugs in boys, totaling up to 65%. Plus girls have an estimate of a 39% use of drugs.

School is the place where most of these teens go during the day to get an education. If they are abusing drugs though they cannot get the proper nourishment that the mind needs. Schools have every right to do a drug test in my opinion if they suspect that the student is abusing drugs. If you do see a random person in the bathroom trying to give you a drug, don’t take it. Go and get a person in authority. Also don’t get freaked out if the school decides to have a random drug test and you’re chosen.

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  1. jackson says:

    Great article! Great topic to write about! This is a big problem in our community and advising teens is a great way to go!

  2. jackson says:

    I couldn’t understand some of it but, otherwise, I think it’s a good article

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