The Olm

| November 18, 2013 | 1 Comment

By Heidi Reichling

The Olm is a blind salamander that lives in southern Europe’s water features. It can be found living in an underground limestone region.

The amphibian’s life span can last over 100 years. It lives completely blind. Isn’t that cool? The Olm has astonishing hearing and smell. These qualities are what keep this human fish alive. Since the Olm lives in water, it only makes sense that it is completely aquatic. In the caves the Olm lives in are worms, aquatic insects, snails and larvae, these invertebrates are the diet of the Olm.

So, what kinds of threats enter a unique creature like the Olm’s habitat? Well, the Olm’s main predators are fish and other amphibians. Occasionally, there will be a bird that will threaten the Olm. These however aren’t the only threats. Water pollution is a leading cause to declining rates of the Olm. These dangers are what make the Olm a species that is nearly extinct.

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  1. jackson says:

    I used to not be that big of a fan of salamanders but this article changed my opinion about them! I love this article! Keep up the good work Heidi!

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