New Years Resolutions

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By Marisa Barrera

As we reach the coming of a new year, most people across the world pledge to themselves to change something in their lives. Whether this means losing weight, spending more time with family, or making one new friend, New Years Resolutions are something we all think about at the end of the year. New Years bring second chances, a fresh start, a time for new beginnings. What are your New Years Resolutions?

Most people make the resolution to lose weight or eat healthier, but there are some resolutions that are less common:

Make a new friend each month- Having friends is healthier than you think. Try making a new friend each month, it will benefit you more than you realize.

Take your picture in 5 interesting places- If you have the travel bug, try taking your pictures in different places all year.

Break a record- Set yourself up a challenge, break a personal record, or a world one.

Try a new food each week- Explore the vast world of food around. Try it!

New Years bring fresh starts and new beginnings, how are you going to start your New Year?




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