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(San Antonio Museum of Art)

By: Heidi Reichling


The SAMA (San Antonio Museum of Art) is, obviously, a museum of art. You can go there Tuesday through Sunday; it is, however, closed on Mondays.

The museum has a free day every Tuesday from four to nine p.m. and another free day on Sunday from ten to twelve a.m. On these days you can get into the museum for free and do many crafts if you ask to draw, paint, or just say, “I’m here to do art!”

The museum has had many cool exhibits in the past; a few are Samurai weapons and armor, 5,000 years of jade, Aphrodite and the gods of love, plus the Chinese art of cricket making. The museum will be having a new exhibit in by March 15, 2014 and another will be expected in June 14, 2014.

Art isn’t just paintings or artifacts though; art can also be expressed through visual aids, like the movies or a play. If you Google (http//: www. San Antonio Museum of Art) SAMA and look on the events calendar you can find out when and what the next movie, show or event will be.

If you have never been to the SAMA and you need instructions, it’s on 200 West Jones Avenue off Broadway. If this information doesn’t suite your knowledge of San Antonio, then you can contact the museum at (210) 978-8100, for even further information, Google the address.

The museum has some history to it as well; it was once part of the Witte Museum of Science and History, during 1925. In the March of 1981 the museum renovated itself with a 7.2 million dollar operation. The museum looks as good as new since then and many people enjoy the wonderful art the museum has on display.

So, come on in to the SAMA and enjoy a free art session on every Tuesday!

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  1. Sofia F. says:

    Good job on topic and clauses. Don’t state anything as if it’s obvious. When you move on to a new topic, elaborate on it. Otherwise, it leaves the reader confused. Makes sure your story is gripping enough to make the reader want to check out the sources you left. Brilliant Job!

  2. jackson says:

    Spontaneous job, Heidi! This is a really great article!

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