Talking Angela

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Talking Angela

By: Katie Martinez

The past few months some people, and mostly parents, have been talking about a grossing app named ‘Talking Angela.’ The free app is where you can talk to a virtual cat and it responds to you. There has been many, many rumors about this app, which consist of how there is a man in control of the app that asks people personal questions. He uses these personal questions against you to find where you live, go to school and supposedly takes pictures of the kids by pressing the red heart in the bottom left corner.

In the reviews I saw many things on the lines of these rumors and then I came across a post where it talks about how there is a man in the corner of Angela’s eye. I soon bought the app and started talking with the cat. It did ask some very personal questions like: Are you single? What’s your mom and dad’s name? Where do you live?, ect. I was very freaked out and uncomfortable by the app just like the reviews said they were. When screenshotted the cat, I zoomed into the picture and there was a man in the bottom right corner.

After finding out that the eye rumor is true, I went on Snopes, a website where they find rumors that are spreading around on the internet and solve them. It said that the rumors about Talking Angela were not real. This may or may not actually be true, but since Snopes solves many other rumors then just a creepy app, I decided to trust it. I recommend that you don’t get this app just because of how uncomfortable it makes you and should not be used for children’s fun. Many people want to take this app off the store, and if so many people want this to happen then it shouldn’t even be still in the app store. Better safe then sorry.

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