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| April 16, 2014 | 1 Comment

By: Karin Luna

Not too long ago, I visited the magnificent Houston Zoo. The exhibits were phenomenal, the nature was refreshing, and the animals were most memorable. However, a dreadful fact was proven. It seemed as if in every direction I looked, there was a sign announcing that the animal was endangered.

To be endangered means to be a species in the serious risk of extinction. Some main reasons why species become endangered are because of habitat destruction, introduction of exotic species, illegal hunting, legal exploitation, and natural causes. The greatest problem, however, are humans, who are the sources of most of the reasons why uncountable numbers of species are becoming both endangered and extinct.

To survive, every of animal needs a home, a place to find food and water, and a suitable place to raise their young.  Depending on the species, they can find all of this in their natural habitat. What is most terrible is this, apart from destroying nature for the man’s best benefit, people are demolishing the habitats of animals. This means that the animals who belonged in that area will eventually have nowhere else to go. Especially, because not all species can easily adapt to another environment. Humans do this because they want to build new things and make money. The only people who we should allow to do this are those who depend upon this, but they should be given highly restricted rules.

There are organizations who are working towards the preservation of our environments and the salvation of our species. However, it should not be organizations, it should be the whole population. Our world is quite extraordinary, but I must say it was undoubtedly thriving before humans started polluting and ruining the Earth. We must save it. We must save every endangered species and all their environments.  Humans must be kind to nature for it is us that invaded its home.

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  1. Heidi says:

    Karin, your article rocks! I can’t believe Jackson has such a wonderful writer like you!

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