Summer School

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By: Marisa Barrera

As the school year is coming to an end, some of us will enjoy our summer break and others will spend their summer learning what they didn’t retain in school. This year in NEISD, summer school will be held at Krueger and Harris Middle School for middle school curriculum. From July 16th through the  24th, students all across the district will have to attend in order to continue on to the next grade. A question frequently asked is, what is happening during the year that causes students to not pass their classes? The answer may be surprising.

Sometimes, missing work is the cause of having to attend summer school. When students don’t turn in their assignments, it is marked as ” missing ” in the grade book. Basically, ” missing ” equals a zero. So, the more zeros you have, the more your grade decreases. Eventually, you can end up failing the class. Most of the time, missing work is the cause of the failure of a class.

Summer school may be essential to those students who just don’t understand the curriculum. Whether it be the lack of good teaching or if the student never asks for help, these can all result in failure. If a student truly doesn’t understand, they should ask for help, but most don’t.


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