Why Should You Join Journalism?

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By: Giavanna Galvez

Journalism is an elective class that you can take in middle and high school. In that class you can take pictures for the yearbook, draw pictures for the Literary Magazine, write articles about anything you want for the online newspaper (if it’s appropriate), help design the yearbook, and many more fun and exciting things. Here at Jackson, Mrs. Shell’s journalism class gets their own laptops so they can type articles and work on the yearbook all together instead of sharing one computer.

The articles that we type in journalism are somewhat like this article that you are reading right now. There are many different topics/things that we could write about; animals, movie reviews, restaurant reviews, celebrities, schools, a war going on or a war that had happened that has an effect on us now, global warming, why the sky is blue, why it rains, why certain games are so popular, and many, many more that I could go on FOREVER!!!

When we work on the yearbook we get to get the pictures that we took for a certain page and then paste it on that page. For example, if I was working on the basketball page, then first I would have to go to a game so I can take the pictures. Once I get some nice and not-blurry photos, I can go onto the yearbook designer online, put in my password, and go to my page. Once I’m on, I choose the photo that I would like to use and place it on the page. Then I can either crop the picture or cut things out. In the 2013-2014 yearbook, there are lots of cut-outs because we wanted to give it a new look, and we didn’t figure this out until now. 😀

Also, when we take the pictures for the yearbook, we have to make sure that they are not blurry and that we have the space on the page where it will go. If the picture is too big, then you will have to crop it and the picture might not look as good. If it is blurry or too small, then it is too difficult to see all of the good details that were In the photo.

Another reason I have for you to join journalism is that, on holidays, we have parties. We get to bring chips, soda, popcorn, cookies, brownies, candy, or whatever Mrs. Shell tells you that you can bring. For our Christmas party, we have “secret Santa” and gift exchanges. We even get to watch movies on occasion.

These are my reasons that you should join journalism at Jackson Middle School. I hope that you take my advice and ask Mrs. Shell for a form to join in 7th or 8th grade. Also, if you want to buy a yearbook, then just get a form and bring your money with your form to Mrs. Shell or the front office.

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